Routes of Hiking in Oñati

The walking routes that cover this county traverse landscapes of unique beauty and pass through spectacular areas such as the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park which covers the mountainous range that separates the historic territories of Gipuzkoa and Alava.

Mendi ibilbideak Oñati

Pictures: Borja Abarrategi

The Routes in Senderismo Euskadi


The water path (8.40 km- easy- 2:50´)

This route, which runs through six of Araotz's neighbourhoods, takes us to an intensely rural world, offering a series of stunning views. The magic cave of Aitzulo,  the Araozta reservoir and  the Santa Cruz Hermitage. Near Andarto Txiki we turn around again towards Araotz, and enter an area punctuated by farmhouses. 

KORTAKOGAIN: Past the Arantzazu farmhouses (5.5 km - simple - 1:30´)

Route which passes through most of the Arantzazu neighbourhood and which takes us first through an intensely rural area and later around all the hidden enclaves of Okola and Iritegi. After passing a historical mill, the path leads us back to where we started, passing over a canal. Points of interest: 18th century Arrola farmhouse, Okola hollow, Akuegi bridge and reservoir, etc.

ARANTZAZU: The hidden road (7 km - simple - 2:30´)

Route which shows us the darkest side of Arantzazu. After walking down the ravine of the River Arantzazu and crossing the Iturrigorri area, the path takes us around the summit of Arriona, through a stunningly beautiful forest and two of the area's wide open pasturelands. Points of interest: Arantzazu basilica, rocky summit of Gazteluaitz, Arantzazu gorge, etc.