Caravan service area

Service area for motor caravans, located in the San Martin district of Oñati, à 300 metres from Oñati´s downtown. (43.02792, -2.405630).

This service area is regulated by a municipal ordenance (www.oñ It is available for filling water tanks and cleaning wastewater tanks. It can be used for up to 72 hours. ORDENANZA

 Oñati’s downtown is located 300 meters from here. You can arrive there by walking or by bike using the bicycle lane. It is known as «Basque Toledo», due to the large number of monuments, and has beautiful landscape as it is surrounded by mountains.

Underground, one of the most important subsoil places of Euskal Herria is located, a subsoil paradise: The Gesaltza-Arrikrutz caves, a complex karst system. What makes it beautiful is that it has an unusual length and depth, unseen in other caves.

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