Arrikrutz-Oñati Caves

15 km long cave placed at the heart of Aizkorri Mountain Range

Arrikrutz_Estalagmiten gela.Arrikrutz-Oñati Cave is part of the largest karstic system in  Gipuzkoa. The 15 km long laberintic cave system  represents the heart of the karstic landscape of Basque Country. Through centuries the water has built this underground Baroque cathedral. Take your time to admire the sculptures formed drop by drop!

Arrikrutz: the home of prehistoric animals

Arrikrutz-Oñati Cave has exceptional value for the paleontological traces found in its interior.

A vast Cave bears ( Ursus spelaeus) paleontological site, the most complete Cave lion ( Panthera leo spelaea) squeleton appeared in Spain or minor traces of Wolly rinoceront ( Coleodonta antiquitatis), Cave hyenas ( Crocuta crocuta spelaea) and Megaloceros giganteus are among other who tell us about our past history. Come and meet them!

Panthera leo spelaea_Arrikrutz