Come to taste Oñati

Come to Oñati and enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of its people, the quality of its establishments and its gastronomy. 


Arrikrutz The Oñati Caves

We propose a trip to Gipuzkoa's entrails, also called " Sixth Continent ".
In the visit to Oñati-Arrikrutz's caves, topics are approached as, the system kárstic of Gesaltza-Arrikrutz with 15 km from development of galleries, the  more extensive of Gipuzkoa and the complete skeleton of the Leon of the Caverns, the first finding in the whole State and the third  in Europe.


Corpus and Events in Oñati

Local celebrations in Oñati are deeply-rooted in the traditional culture: Christmas/Olentzero, Carnivals, Corpus Christi Day and Saint Michael's / Our Lady of the Rosary's Day. The first two are organised according to fairly conventional models, while the last two contain more original and peculiar aspects.


Oñati: awaking the senses

In Oñati, today is history, and tomorrow is being constructed. Oñati is a sparkling, unspoilt jewel. A natural area in which every detail is guaranteed to delight and surprise.

Oinati turismoko aurkezpena
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